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WIE ILS 2019 Islamabad Section

Decades have gone by and decades will before women are given equal opportunities. Before their voices are heard. Before they're seen for the talent they possess and not the outlook of their dress. This WIE ILS we celebrate women. We celebrate what they stand for. We celebrate their achievements. We celebrate their goals and the paths they've taken. We celebrate their success defying all odds. We celebrate their will and motivation to overcome the hurdles inflicted upon them. We celebrate women.


An innocent newborn is subjected to a realm of great love, care and fantasy. In a world where it is all sugar spice and everything nice, what most elders forget to teach their children is the acceptance of the most important aspect of life. Can you guess what that is?

While everyone is busy celebrating success, there is a silent unheard voice that is always pushed behind the glitter and glamour. That voice? Yes, you are absolutely correct, it’s the voice of failure. The voice of scars. The voice of the fallen. The challenge of getting back up. The beauty of struggle.

And so, while we cherish the success stories and the accomplishments, the truest of stories go unheard. Failure is what makes us human and failure is what keeps the fighting spirit in us alive.

WIE ILS’19 comes back with the very concept of voicing the unwanted, the unheard, embracing the less, the failed and the struggling. Contrary to the norm of focusing on the great, we’re here to celebrate the wow factors of failures, challenges and struggles. This fall brings you an opportunity to be a part of the community that aims to create a stronger force of individuals who can fight bigger challenges and learn from their failures, avail and create opportunities, identify and bridge gaps, uplift each other and work towards crafting a beautiful Kaleidoscope of uniqueness and abstraction.


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